Hello, my name is David. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I am choosing to launch this blog.

I am a trained spiritual director having graduated from the Fairfield University Spiritual Direction program. I am also a fellow spiritual journeyman. I have practiced as a spiritual director, with ongoing supervision, for six years, and have journeyed with my own spiritual director for the past twelve years. I have read countless books and have countless more on my reading list. The one thing I have learned, above all others, is that answers to spirituality and God are not acquired by reading more books. Reading more books in search of answers generally only results in more questions. But that is okay, because questions are good; they keep us moving forward on our journey.

You will notice that I have tagged this blog as an Exploration in Spirituality and Social Justice. We will get to the spirituality and social justice part later. The emphasis I want to place now centers on the Exploration part of the phrase. Unfortunately, I have no answers. This blog will not be about coming up with answers. What I will try and do is simply give you one man’s perspective, my perspective, on some of the questions I have struggled with as I have undertaken my own spiritual journey.

We are all uniquely created in the heart and eyes of God: so it stands to reason that each of our experiences and understanding of God will be quite different. Because of our uniqueness, how God moves in the fabric of our lives will be different as well. He speaks to us individually in the manner that we can most hear, understand, believe and accept, and because of our uniqueness that will be different for each of us. So this blog necessarily must be about exploration rather than answers, and my hope and prayer will be that whatever is written or read touches you in the unique way that God intended for you to hear it. God alone possesses truth. I can only offer you my own unique understanding and some of the insights that I have arrived at in wrestling with the questions God has presented to me.

So, with your permission, let us begin…..

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